Star Vs Micros!
Star Finds marco and hekapo getting lewd, and in a fit of jealousy she uses her magic to stop them.. in a rather peculiar way.
Tags:Magic star vs the forces of evil Pedverse Micro Macro Oral Vore
Triple Threat
Some Party girls Get wild and have some drunken lewd time Which ends with some Unbirth, Anal Vore and Oral Vore!. Colab with Gokai Pedverse and Rupie!
Tags:unbirth Vore Anal oral GokaiVore Pedverse Rupie
Slime Queen
A young farmer goes out to feed her pet slimes when she suddenly gets pulled over the fence! Her slimes seem to be more then just attached to her... as they attach to her...
Tags:Fusion Absorption Creature Slime Bestiality Pedverse Uni
Mob Hunter
A colab comics between Pedverse and GokaiVore, Follow a New hunter on her very first large hunt, but everything seems to go wrong when she douses herself with some monster pheromone's!
Tags:monster hunter mob Pedverse Gokai Bestiality Creature Vore
My Olmma
An Incest furry comics With Futa mother and her daughter!
Tags:Futa Incest Furry Pedverse Daughter Mother Olmma
Star Vs Unbirth!
Star and Marco get warped up in some portal hopping hi-jinks and are unintentional unbirthed by Hekapoo.
Tags:unbirth Star Vs the Forced of evil Pedverse Unintentional
Another Space Adventure! Following a Naga and her Commander to a far away planet as they explore! They soon come across a Strange creature that plans to have its way with them both!
Tags:Alein Creature Vore Oral Forced Unbirth ForcedUnBirth Pedverse Space Naga
Tsunderes Revenge
A small fella decided to explore a rather unforgiving woman as she sleeps, In a fit of rage she chase him down and begins to swallow him whole!! 11 Pages of FUN!
Tags:Micro Macro Oral Vore OralVore Pedverse Tsundere
An IMG PACK of the cartoon OKKO contains images of lewds and unbirthing!
Tags:Unbirth okko img imgpack pack lewd